Getting started with WWW

Getting Started


So where can I find information about W3?

Getting Started using telnet

All the information about W3 is on ther web. So you do you get started? A number of ways. You can browse through all that information by just telnetting to one of the addreses below, or you can pick up information using anonymous FTP. If you want to use telnet, try some of the following. (Log in as www if asked for a user name)
(or telnet The simplest line mode browser. This server is in Geneva, Switzerland.
(or telnet Log in as www. A full-screen browser in New Jersey Institute of Technology. USA.
(or telnet A dual-language Hebrew/English database, with links to the rest of the world. The line mode browser, plus extra features. Log in as www. Hebrew Uiversity of Jerusalem, Israel.
(or telnet Not available when tested in O29-Oct-92. (FINLAND)

Using FTP

Alternatively, you can pick up some information in plain text or postscript form from the anonymous FTP archive on Just FTP to (or and log in as "anonymous" with for password your mail address user@host.

Change directory (cd) to pub/www/doc, and see what there is (ls command).

See also: the W3 bibliography , about W3 distributed code , using FTP .

Tim BL