Getting the WWW files

Read this if you have not yet got the WWW files you need, and you cannot NFS mount a directory on which they reside.

The source and binary of WWW project files are currently available (see copyright ) by anonymous FTP from node This node is currently but THIS MAY CHANGE. The files are compressed tape archive files (.tar.Z). To get a file using anonymous FTP, use user name "anonymous", and your email address as a password:-

> ftp Enter user name: anonymous Password: ftp> cd /pub/www/src ftp> binary ftp> get WWWLineMode_vvv.tar.Z ftp> quit > The file name will depend on the product you want. Here vvv is the version number of the software.

Once you have the compressed tar file, you must uncompress it and unwrap it.

uncompress WWWLineMode_vvv.tar.Z This will make a rather larger file with the name without the ".Z". To unwrap it, tar xvf WWWLineMode_vvv.tar Now you should install the line mode browser , install the server , install Viola , etc.
Tim BL