W3 Tools

These tools aid managements of W3 servers, generation of hypertext, etc.
W3 basic daemon
Part of the W3 project code.
Gateway servers
which you can take and adapt.
Framemaker interface
There are some tar files on the anonymous FTP archive on file://info.cern.ch/www/src which allow FRAMEmaker to be used as a W3 tool. Dan Conolly, Convex. Incldues MIF HTML translation.
Making HTML into TeX
We did this with the "WWW Book" to print it. See the Makefile for example, and the scripts html2latex.sed and sub1.sed. We wrote a special introduction, but otherwise all the text was hypertext from the W3 project.
Generating HTML
These are scripts for generating SGML hypertext from things like directory listings, etc. Also, for checking and correcting dubious HTML.
Server log analysis
Analysing server logs requires first of all changing the numeric internet node numebrs into domain names. httpd-analyse.c is a program to do that. Feed the results through awk and grep of your choice!
Tim BL