How can I help?

There are lots of ways you can help if you are interested in seeing the web grow and be even more useful...
Put up some data
There are many ways of doing this. The web needs both raw data -- fresh hypertext or old plain text files, or smart servers giving views of existing databases. See more details , etiquette.
Suggest someone else does
Maybe you know a system which it would be neat to have on the web. How about suggesting to the person involved that they put up a W3 server?
Manage a subject area
If you know something of what's going on in a particular field, organization or country, would you like to keep up-to-date an overview of online data?
Write some software
We have a big list of things to be done. Help yourself -- all contributions gatefully received! see the list .
Send us suggestions
We love to get mail...
Tell your friends
Install/get installed the client software on your site. Quote things by their W3 address to allow w3 users to pick them straight up.
Tim BL