No internet connection

You are not on the internet? You know you aren't because none of the useual commands are available to you like telnet and ftp. Don't worry: all is not lost. There are two possibilities.

If you are on DECnet

If you are on a DECnet, then you can use DECnet versions of the W3 software. You can get infromation from outside the DECnet you are on so long as somebody somewheer runs a gateway into the internet ona a machine which is connected to both.

By mail

If you have electronic mail, then it possible (though slow!) to get W3 information by mail. try sending a mail to with a line in it saying just


to get back instructions. Your mail system must have a mail gataeway onto internet mail, but hat is quite likely. You might have to take the internet address above and ask your friendly system manager how to convert it into the equivalent mail address on the system you are using. See more about the robot.

Tim BL