W3 Server Software

A W3 server, like the ftp daemon , is a program which responds to an incoming tcp connection and provides a service to the caller.There are many varieties of W3 server software to serve different forms of data.

The basic daemon

The basic W3 daemon program serves files already in hypertext or plain text. This daemon then is used as a basis for many other types of server and gateway. Documentation includes: Much of the above may also apply in whole or part to other servers mentioned below. Whatever server you are running, you will probably be interested in:

Making a new server

This daemon is often used as a basis for a more specific server for a given application. A server which allows a world of data to be seen as part of the W3 universe is known as a gateway. (Most servers could therefore be regarded as gateways, but the term implies some conversion or mapping between dissimilar worlds) . For short tutorials with examples, see: It is a good idea to pick the basic daemon or one of the servers below as a starting point when making a new server.

Other servers and Gateways

These are servers which provide data extracted from other systems. they are built using code from the basic daemon, or scripts.
FIND gateway
for CERN/VM XFIND which calls a REXX exec to get the information from the XFIND system running on the CERNVM mainframe.
VMS Help gateway
This allows any VMS help files to be made available to WWW clients. Runs on VAX/VMS.
A gateway to information available using the W.A.I.S. protocol.
A server for VMS systems which allows you to write a gateway to your own favorite information system using DCL.
A (big) csh script server providing data including Xerox System33 documents, man pages in plain text, phone numbers, etc. etc...!
A generic server to oracle. Could be used as a basis for gateways to specific Oracle databases.
Gateway to the
Geography server at U Michigan
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