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Mailing lists

To join a list, send electronic mail to the robot

with the line
			add www-announce

for example to get onto the www-announce list. (see more about the
mail robot , and all the commands in the help file ) See also the hypertext FAQ list . Mailing lists are as follows, all @info.cern.ch.
Anyone interested in WWW, its progress, new data sources, new software releases. Previously called www-interest, and renamed because of confusion. Please refrain from posting administrivia to this list ! We want to keep it low volume, large membership.
Technical discussion for those developing WWW software or with that deep an interest. Also the ideal place for comments and suggestions of general interest even from non-developers. See archive .
For your privacy, the membership lists of these groups are not publicly accessible. They will be reflected to newsgroups at Cern shortly, perhaps on Internet later.

Most of the information you need on World-Wide Web is in our hypertext documentation, accessible either from your local WWW browser as http://info.cern.ch/hypertext/WWW/ TheProject.html or by telnet to info.cern.ch or (automatic login). Anonymous FTP to the same machine can provide you with the latest releases in source, and binaries for certain machines. You can also fetch "paper" documentation (articles, WWW Book,...) in PostScript, LaTeX or ASCII form. The relevant directories are src, bin and doc, all under /pub/www.

The following mail addresses exist for your convenience. You cannot subscribe to them. Again, all addresses are @info.cern.ch.

If you want to talk to a human being about list subscriptions.
Goes to core developers at Cern who can assist you with the various WWW products. This is a voluntary support service, all we can guarantee is a response, but we'll do our best to help you !
Tim BL